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Monitor Windows Servers and Workstations using custom VBScript scripts

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a software solution you need to scan your network servers, workstations and devices for failures or irregularities. With ActiveXperts Network Monitor, you can identify issues and fix unexpected problems before your others even know they've happened.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor maximizes network availability by monitoring all aspects of your servers, workstations, switches, routers, printers and any other devices. It can also detect temperature, humidity and other environmental aspects in your server rooms.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor provides a programming interface for IT system administrators. VBScript is the de-facto standard scripting language in ActiveXperts Network Monitor. VBScript is - together with PowerShell - the most popular scripting language in Windows environments.

An ActiveXperts Network Monitor VBScript check requires the following parameters:

  • File - Name of the VBScript file. The script should contain a function as specified in the Function name field. This function should return True (-1) on success, False (0) on error or Unknown (1) in case the results is not known;
  • Function - The function that should be called by ActiveXperts Network Monitor. This function should return True (-1) on success, False (0) on error or Unknown (1) in case the result is not known;
  • Parameter1 - 1st argument of the function;
  • Parameter2 - 2nd argument of the function;
  • Parameter3 - 3rd argument of the function;
  • Parameter4 - 4th argument of the function;
  • Parameter5 - 5th argument of the function;
  • Parameter6 - 6th argument of the function;
  • Advanced Settings:Timeout - You can specify a timeout for a VBScript check. If the script takes longer than the timeout (in seconds), the function is aborted and an 'Unknown' result is reported. By default, there's no timeout used;
  • Advanced Settings:Block script after a bad operation - If a script crashes, for instance because of bad programming, you can block the script so that it will be executed the next time. By default, this option is enabled.


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