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Zyrion Traverse

Service Level Monitoring

Zyrion Traverse

Zyrion Traverse is a scalable network & systems monitoring software that presents correlated views of networks, servers and applications.

In addition to systems and network management, Zyrion Traverse also does application monitoring of databases, web apps, java applications, mail servers, exchange, blackberry enterprise server, etc.

Some key features include:

  • Bandwidth monitor
  • Linux Server monitoring
  • Windows Monitoring
  • Cisco router monitoring
  • Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server monitor
  • Exchange, Active directory, etc.

Reports include:

  • SLA
  • Real time event logs, traps, syslogs
  • Capacity planning
  • Performance and Trend analysis
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Zyrion Inc.

BMC Service Level Management

BMC Service Level Management, BMC Software's automated service level management solution, helps customers align crucial IT infrastructure and service desk processes with the priorities of the business. BMC(r) Service Level Management automates, monitors, and manages service level agreement processes for commitments made between the IT and the businesses or customers they support.

BMC Software

HP Service Navigator

OpenView Service Navigator delivers a navigable, visual representation of business and operational services, helping to perform root-cause analysis and analyzing the business impact of IT infrastructure problems.


IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor

IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor gives providers of IT services the ability to define and automatically evaluate SLAs that include monitored data from across the IT infrastructure. An SLA wizard interface guides even non-technical staff through the process of defining service offerings, customers, business schedules, which can be combined into SLAs consistent with ITIL best practices guidelines for Service Level Management.


Mercury Business Availability Center

Mercury Business Availability Center enables management of business availability from a business- and service-level perspective. Key business process and system indicators can be viewed in real time, and problem resolution can be prioritized based on business impact and service level compliance.


NetQoS SuperAgent

NetQoS SuperAgent tracks and measures end-user response time—without desktop or server agents. It monitors all the TCP application packets as they travel from the network through the data center and out again, providing a way to measure network round trip time, server response time, data transfer time, and much more.

SuperAgent breaks response time into its basic components: application, server, and network delay. This analysis enables you to rapidly troubleshoot network and application performance bottlenecks and quantify application performance. It continually measures and analyzes performance for all transactions, compares the response time against the baselines and thresholds that it calculates, and alerts you to application performance deterioration. SuperAgent automatically investigates the cause of problems as they occur and provides key diagnostic data to help you quickly solve network and application performance problems.

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor audits all network software and hardware simply and efficiently. Network Inventory Advisor automatically queries all network assets and builds ready-to-use network inventory reports.

It stores inventory snapshots of the whole network and allows tracking all hardware changes, auditing software licenses and collecting invaluable network data. With Network Inventory Advisor you can manage Windows, Mac OS, Linux nodes and other network devices in one place.


NimBUS is a service level monitoring solution completely developed in-house which provides scaleable, resilient and reliable monitoring capabilities for organizations that wish to proactively manage critical IT resources against service level agreements. These resources include, but are not limited to, servers, hosts, applications, databases, networking services and network devices.

The NimBUS service level monitoring solution provides four core functions:

  • Real time performance monitoring and reporting of potential problems
  • Service level agreement (SLA) definition, monitoring and reporting
  • Customizable business service and operations dashboards
  • End-to-end response time measurement with end-user service levels

For data collection and automation NimBUS offers a comprehensive suite of infrastructure monitoring robots and probes. NimBUS probes will enable full coverage of heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Monitoring probes include support for networks, databases, servers, middleware, email, applications, web-based services, directory services, and much more. NimBUS open APIs, flexible architecture, and out-of-the-box 3rd party integrations and gateways, ensures that adapting to other management tools and service level monitoring processes is easily achieved.

With NimBUS, all service level monitoring functions are inherent functions; they are written collectively as a single architecture and single code base. The result is easy installation, deployment, configuration, administration, and most important - usability - with NimBUS there is no requirement for strenuous installation integrations and ongoing administration efforts.

Nimsoft, Inc.


High Definition Application Performance Management (APM)

OPNET Technologies provides the industry's most comprehensive, integrated solution suite for Application Performance Management (APM).

  • Breadth: Provides visibility across the application footprint, including Java, .NET, custom applications; web and application servers;, database servers; client machines; routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and WAN accelerators
  • Depth: Obtain high quality, fine-grained data specifically targeted at troubleshooting application performance
  • Integration across domains: Ability to obtain, analyze and report on data that allows a progressively deeper analysis starting with a symptom, going through triage, and leading to root cause isolation
  • Analytics: True correlation of performance-related metrics and events, adaptive base-lining of performance metrics, rules-driven analysis, and advanced visualization that synchronizes data across application tiers to present an integrated view
  • Low Overhead: Patented, industry-leading capabilities for collection, long-term storage, and rapid retrieval of high-volume, fine-grained data

OPNET’s High Definition APM suite:

  • AppResponse Xpert uniquely combines end-user experience monitoring and in-depth analysis of network performance to obtain complete visibility of IT services across the enterprise.
  • AppInternals Xpert looks deep into the complex software frameworks of modern servers to perform High Definition monitoring and forensic analysis for any type of application, and excels in particular in Java and.NET environments.
  • AppMapper Xpert automatically produces a run-time application map, identifying the underlying application and infrastructure components that enable a production application.
  • AppTransaction Xpert leverages patented visualization and analytics to dramatically improve pre-deployment testing and prediction, and accelerate troubleshooting in production.
  • AppTelemetry Xpert uses remote instrumentation techniques to provide visibility into the performance of the underlying application infrastructure, including servers and network devices.
  • AppSQL Xpert provides deep visibility into database activity and measures the performance of database transactions.

Unicenter Service Assure

Unicenter Service Assure and Unicenter Service Level Management are solutions in the Unicenter Service Management portfolio that focus on end-user SLA contract management and infrastructure service level management, respectively. They combine to provide full life-cycle SLA management, starting from the organization modeling necessary to administer contractual relationships between the IT organization and internal or external business units, to detailed monitoring of defined service offerings, to aggregation and correlation of key metric data across systems, platforms, networks, and applications.

Computer Associates
Zyrion Traverse