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VoIP Monitoring

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager’s VoIP Monitor automatically enables Cisco IP SLA in selected source routers. A VoIP template allows administrators to easily simulate different traffic loads so as to analyze VoIP service performance over varying VoIP traffic loads.

The VoIP Monitoring module makes OpManager the centralized monitoring center for the entire VoIP network and helps an administrator perform the following tasks to ensure a healthy VoIP network:

  • Proactively monitor VoIP Performance (monitored metrics include Packet Loss, Delay, Jitter, and MOS)
  • Monitor VoIP quality across WAN infrastructure
  • Quickly troubleshoot poor VoIP performance
  • Report on Source & Destination performance
  • Get extensive VoIP performance reports
  • Automatically configure Cisco IP SLA for VoIP monitoring

AppResponse Xpert

OPNET's AppResponse Xpert VoIP Module supplies real-time and historical data in a business context about both application performance and call quality.

The VoIP monitoring solution is based on real application traffic and voice calls with the ability to drill-down to the underlying problem source and understand the interaction of voice and data traffic.

AppResponse Xpert's VoIP monitoring solution enables you to:

  • Monitor and report on actual, live calls
  • Manage the convergence and contention of voice and data on the same network
  • Proactively resolve VoIP issues
  • Identify what other applications are competing with VoIP calls

Key Features:

  • Vendor agnostic VoIP monitoring solution
  • Passive speech quality analysis
  • P.564 class 1 compliant MOS analysis
  • Rich set of RTP metrics on a per-call, per-channel basis
  • Automatically detects active calls and provides incremental quality statistics
  • Tracks QoS priority settings on the network
  • Holistic solution for data and voice applications
  • Delivers business-level views of overall network health and VoIP performance


ISDNwatch is a network management tool for ISDN data networks with particular emphasis on cost control and call visibility. It’s easy to read graphical interface gives an instant visual representation of the amount of time your router is spending connected, when it is connected and to where.

The functionality of ISDNwatch™ allows the user to set their own limits for ISDN usage and will alert them if these limits are exceeded thus greatly reducing the possibility of large unnecessary bills.

NetQoS VoIP Monitor

NetQoS VoIP Monitor is a network-based call setup and call quality monitoring product that tracks the call quality users experience, provides alerts on call performance problems, and isolates performance issues to speed troubleshooting and MTTR. NetQoS VoIP Monitor is integrated with the NetQoS Performance Center so you can monitor VoIP quality of experience while managing network quality of service, from a single, Web-based console.


With NimBUS solutions, organizations can monitor and manage every service and system within their entire Cisco VoIP (Voice over IP) ecosystem:

  • VoIP Networks
  • VoIP Call Activity
  • VoIP Messaging

By offering a comprehensive, centralized view into all vital areas that comprise the VoIP infrastructure, NimBUS solutions enable organizations to better optimize resource utilization, improve reliability, and better ensure SLA compliance.


PacketTrap Perspective

PacketTrap Perspective enables you to securely manage and monitor both your local infrastructure and your remote cloud computing environments within a single dashboard. Regardless of whether you are managing a collection of resources in your data center, corporate office, remote location, or in a partner's cloud, PacketTrap provides the comprehensive capability required to scale with your needs.

By implementing PacketTrap's centralized dashboard you will be alerted on resources performance challenges across non-virtualized and virtualized environments, and the health of your overall network. Recognize trouble in your cloud before your IT users do via PacketTrap's Cloud Computing Solutions.

PacketTrap Perspective is a comprehensive and affordable network management and application monitoring solution for end user IT departments.

  • Real Time Performance Monitoring: Monitors performance counters for routers, hubs, switches, servers, and applications in real-time.
  • Traffic Analysis: Captures traffic data for any device on the network – routers, switches, servers, desktops – allowing instant identification of network traffic problems. Supports (but does not require) NetFlow, Jflow and sFlow®. Leverages PacketTrap's own ptFlow technology to provide NetFlow like capabilities to devices that don't support these standards.
  • Virtualization Support: Monitor the health of your Vmware® ESX servers and monitor the health of guest Virtual Machines running on those ESX servers.
  • Advanced Alerting: Provides advanced email and SMS alerts for devices, including servers, switches, hubs, routers, and other network infrastructure gear.
  • Multi-User: Allow unlimited users in IT department to connect to Perspective via a thin client or browser.
  • VoIP Support: Monitor the health of your VoIP system.

Smarts VoIP Performance Manager

EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager delivers the performance data you need to ensure the highest possible call quality and reliability. With VoIP Performance Manager, organizations can manage, monitor, and diagnose Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

VoIP Performance Manager provides intelligent alerting, deep diagnostics, and extensive reporting to help you gain in-depth, real-time views into the performance of VoIP services and the telephony infrastructure on which they rely while showing how that detailed information relates to the end user experience.

EMC software

SolarWinds VoIP Monitor

  Affordable VoIP QoS Monitoring

Voice communication is the lifeblood of any business environment. Today, organizations increasingly rely on the network infrastructure and complex VoIP equipment to power this critical form of communication. When VoIP quality degrades, business stops – along with the heart of every network engineer on staff. Don't worry -- VoIP Monitor can help, arming you with the necessary tools to troubleshoot voice QoS issues.

VoIP Monitor allows you to proactively analyze VoIP quality across WAN links, as well as monitor the underlying systems and protocols that the VoIP environment relies upon, providing complete integration with Orion. VoIP Monitor's simulation-based approach with IP SLA alerts you to problems and enables you to fix them with its robust capabilities, including:

  • Collecting and analyzing VoIP performance statistics, including MOS, jitter, network latency, packet loss, and other important QoS metrics
  • Facilitating capacity planning for existing multi-vendor VoIP deployments and measuring voice quality in advance of new VoIP deployments
  • Automatically configuring IP SLA on Cisco routers without you having to lift a finger

SolarWinds Inc.


VQmon/EP detects packet loss and jitter buffer discard events, extracts key information from DSP software and produces call quality scores and diagnostic data. VQmon/EP has been integrated with products from Audiocodes, Global IP Sound and Texas Instruments. Other leading DSP software vendors work closely with Telchemy to ensure that integration of VQmon with CODEC and Jitter Buffer software is seamless.

VQmon generates listening and conversational quality MOS scores and R factors and a wide range of diagnostic data, making these available through an API as raw metrics, RTCP XR and SIP QoS Report payloads. VQmon is based on the ITU E Model with many extensions to improve accuracy under time varying network conditions, wideband codecs, orthogonal impairments and signal related parameters, and has been tested for compliance with ITU-T P.564.