ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 - Wetness monitoring

Monitor Water Leaks and Wetness
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor Water Leaks and Wetness Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Water Leaks and Wetness

ActiveXperts Network Monitor requires an Environmental Monitor device from Sensatronics to monitor wetness. The Environmental Monitor connects directly to your network via an Ethernet hub or switch. With Sensatronics the application addresses issues beyond typical server CPU temperature as storage, network or telecom environmental issues are inclusive.

ActiveXperts supports the following Sensatronics devices to monitor wetness:

  • Model EM1 (can be used with ActiveXperts Network Monitor to monitor temperature, humidity and wetness);
  • Model Senturion (can be used with ActiveXperts Network Monitor to monitor temperature, humidity, wetness, power, light, motion, smoke, door, resistance, switch/NC, switch/NO).

All devices a capable of monitoring etness on 4 (or more) locations.

A Wetness check requires the following parameters:

  • Host - The host name or IP address of the network interface of the Sensatronics device; use a port prefix to specify another port that the default port (port 80)
  • Monitor Probe - Select a probe;
  • Minimum - Minimum required value;
  • Maximum - Maximum allowed value;
  • Logging - Enable Logging (y/n); Press on the 'Settings' button to configure logging. By default, ActiveXperts Network Monitor logs to an MS Access database.
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