ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 HTTP monitoring

Monitor HTTP(s)
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor HTTP(s) Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor HTTP(s)

ActiveXperts Network Monitor can check the availability of HTTP and HTTPs sites, on default ports (i.e.: 80 and 443). If the HTTP(s) server is not directly accessible, you can configure ActiveXperts Network Monitor to go through a Proxy server to access the particular HTTP(s) server, even passing credentials for that Proxy server (to be able to make use of the Proxy). Additionally, you can pass credentials (username and password) to access the actual HTTP(s) site if required. ActiveXperts Network Monitor supports web site content checking; contents of web sites can be searched for text patterns (including tags).

An HTTP/HTTPs check has the following parameters:

  • URL - The location of the website in URL format (i.e. http://server[:port]/path/... format);
  • Require Server verification - A flag to indicate: HTTP or HTTPs;
  • Check for availability only / Page must pattern - In case of 'Check for Availability only', only the availability of the site is checked. In case of 'Page must contain string', the content of the URL is checked for specific contents;
  • Time-out after - Timeout in seconds. If the time-out expires, the result will be 'Error';
  • Use Web authentication - A flag to indicate whether authentication is required for the web site or not. If authentication is required, 'Website Account' and 'Website Password' must be provided;
  • Website Account - A valid account on the web site;
  • Website Password - A valid password for the account on the web site;
  • Use a Proxy server - A flag indicating whether the web site should be accessed through a Proxy server or not;
  • Proxy - If the 'Use a Proxy server' field is set, this field indicates the actual Proxy server. A hostname, NetBIOS name or IP address is required here;
  • Proxy authentication - If the 'Use a Proxy server' flag is set, and the proxy server indicated by the 'Proxy' field requires authentication, enable this check box;
  • Proxy Account - A valid account on the Proxy server;
  • Proxy Password - A valid password for the account on the Proxy server.