ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 POP3 monitoring

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    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor POP3 Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor POP3 servers

ActiveXperts Network Monitor can check POP3 mail servers by establishing a connection on the remote TCP port (usually port 110) and do a handshake. By handshaking, ActiveXperts Network Monitor can verify that the remote server's POP3 protocol is working well.

A Pop3 Mail Server Availability check takes the following parameters:

  • Host - Hostname or IP address of the server to be monitored;
  • Port - TCP port number of the Pop3 protocol. Default: 110;
  • Send command when connected - As soon as connection is established, send a command. By default, no command string will be sent;
  • Response must include string - When connected, optionally send a command. Then wait for a response. The default response for POP3 servers is: '+OK POP3';
  • Timeout - Number of milliseconds before the check will timeout. Usually, a connection to the server will be established within 1 second. However, some slow/busy server need more time. Recommended value is 7000 milliseconds.