ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 SNMP Trap monitoring

Monitor devices by receiving SNMP traps
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor SNMP Trap receiver

ActiveXperts solution to handle incoming SNMP Traps

The SNMP Trap Receive check listens for real-time network traps for processing. An SNMP Trap Receive check works different than other checks in Network Monitor: the SNMP Trap Receive check is event-driven. The check is not executed at timed intervals, but is triggered as soon as a new trap is received. As a result, you cannot specify a time interval for SNMP Trap Receive checks.

An SNMP Trap Receive check requires the following parameters:

  • Accept from Host - Hostname or IP address of the server/device to monitor;
  • SNMP Community - Community name used for SNMP trap exchange;
  • Accept OID - The Object ID to receive. This can be a numeric OID or a symbolic OID. Type '*' to check for any OID;
  • Select a symbolic OID from a MIB file - Use this button to select an alpha-numeric OID from a MIB file. You can use virtually any 3rd-party MIB file;
  • Receive OID Data Type - The expected OID Data type. The following type are valid data types: Bit Stream, Counter, Integer, IP address, Object Identifier, Opaque String, String, Time Ticks and Unsigned Integer;
  • Match OID Value - To check the OID data for specific value(s), enable this check box and configure the conditions in the same way and for the 'SNMP GET' check.