ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 TCP monitoring

Monitor SMTP
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor TCP Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor TCP based systems

ActiveXperts Network Monitor can check local- or remote servers by challenging a specific port. It makes a connection to it, and performs a challenge/respond (by sending a sequence of bytes to it, wait for the respond and analyzing the received information). A TCP/IP rule takes the following parameters:

  • Host - Hostname or IP address of the server to be monitored;
  • Port - Tcp port number of the protocol to be checked;
  • Send command when connected - As soon as connection is established, send a command;
  • Response must include string - When connected, optionally send a command. Then wait for a response;
  • Timeout - Number of milliseconds before the check will timeout. Usually, a connection to the server will be established within 1 second. However, some slow/busy servers need more time. Recommended value is 7000 milliseconds.