ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

Nimboxx VERDE
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor Nimboxx VERDE check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor Nimboxx VERDE Virtual Infrastructure

ActiveXperts Network Monitor continuously monitors Nimboxx VERDE VDI servers and/or associated gold images.

ActiveXperts provides centralized control and visibility into various levels of the Nimboxx virtual desktopinfrastructure, with real-time monitoring of dynamic VERDE virtual elements.
ActiveXperts has deep awareness of all virtual elements and related physical components, including server hardware, shared storage and networking, with event and alarm triggers that make it easier to monitor the environment, diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

ActvieXperts monitors the following VERDE counters:

  • CPU Usage (%)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Memory Usage (%)
  • Network Receiving Rate (Kbps)
  • Network Transmitting Rate (Kbps)
  • System Disk Usage (%)
  • User Disk Usage (%)
  • Image Published
  • Image Guest Tools Installed
  • Current Session Count
  • Disk Space Used (MB)
  • Maximum Session Count
  • Reserved Session Count

The VERDE check requires the following parameters:

  • VERDE Host - The IP address or hostname of the VERDE server that you want to check;
  • Username and Password - The Username and Password used to logon to the VERDE server. These credentials need to be defined once for each VERDE host and can be used for other checks defined for this VERDE server;
  • Monitor VERDE Host or Monitor Gold Image - Select either the entire VERDE host (running the Gold Images) or an individual Gold Image;
  • Check Counter - select one of the counters listed above;
  • Value - Minimum/Maximum value for the above counter.