ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 Kaspersky Internet Security monitoring

Monitor Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites

With ActiveXperts Network Monitor, you can monitor most important Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites available today. Simply select 'New Monitoring Check' from the 'Monitor' menu, select the 'Anti-Virus / Internet Security' check and fill in the required parameters.

It checks the services and processes, and optionally checks the virus definition files to see if version and/or date of the files are OK. The check can easily be extended by the user to monitor additional aspects, e.g. log files, dll versions of the software, number of files in quarantine, etc.


You can configure the check in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor dialog below, to see if the software is running properly.


Kaspersky Internet Security is an all-in-one tool that will help you keep your computer safe while surfing the internet. It provides features such as a virus scanner, firewall, popup blocker, email scanner, the ability to protect your computer registry and more.

Beyond all of its features, it is very easy to use and comes in a configuration that will keep you safe without any additional adjustments from you. It also has the benefit of not slowing down your computer much when it scans. Many suites will bog your system down. We didn't notice a significant slowdown with Kaspersky Internet Security.


The firewall included with Kaspersky Internet Security is powerful, yet easy to use. It is configurable down to filtering specific ports and data types. All of our attacks were stopped including several from the test machine to other machines on the network. One of the significant recent updates to the product is added protection for Wi-Fi and VPN connections.


Kaspersky has been known for their antivirus solutions since the late 1990's. Their antivirus solutions are so efficient and effective that more than 120 companies are licensed to use the Kaspersky solution in other products. This simply means that the Kaspersky virus scanning engine is used in many other virus scanning systems throughout the world. Several certifications also help make this program one of the most solid and best known products in the market.

Kaspersky Internet Security is no exception to the rule they have created and enforced. It performs as well or better than any of its competition. Kaspersky found every virus we threw at it, including ones we compiled locally on our test machine. In many cases, the scanner picked up the virus even before we compiled it.

Kaspersky's real time scanner didn't slow down our system noticeably while performing large transfers or file saves. It also didn't cause any significant slowdowns when opening programs or booting up.


Kaspersky Internet Security includes a good suite of antispyware tools. It blocked about 85% of popups we tested, as well as removed several nasty spyware installations. Kaspersky also disables links to known malware sites, and takes a proactive approach by scanning your operating system for vulnerabilities.