ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 Norton Anti-Virus monitoring

Monitor Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites

With ActiveXperts Network Monitor, you can monitor most important Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites available today. Simply select 'New Monitoring Check' from the 'Monitor' menu, select the 'Anti-Virus / Internet Security' check and fill in the required parameters.

It checks the services and processes, and optionally checks the virus definition files to see if version and/or date of the files are OK. The check can easily be extended by the user to monitor additional aspects, e.g. log files, dll versions of the software, number of files in quarantine, etc.


You can configure the check in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor dialog below, to see if the software is running properly.


Symantec's Norton Internet Security suite offers solid security protection and features, including the best behavior-based defense against unknown threats. Symantec's Norton Internet Security security suite is easy to use and comes with a host of extra security features, such as a separate Security Inspector scan that warns about unsafe browser settings and other potential security holes. It was the only suite in our testing for "All-in-One Security Suites: Tried and Tested" that didn't cry wolf by reporting at least one false positive.

Firewall is one of the Norton Security core components that can detect inbound and outbound traffic generated from and to your computer. Another features are anti-virus and anti-spyware components as well as automatic updates for those components. Norton Internet Security downloads every update automatically ensuring the virus definitions are up-to-date. Program and definitions updates are loaded automatically in the background. After installation is complete, a full system scan is performed. This is repeated every week.

Norton Internet Security works quiet despite of a number of its background processes. Norton, however, doesn't make its presence constantly felt. With a simple interface and no alerts or pop-ups Norton Internet Security remains relatively quiet.

Norton allows applications access to the internet without making much fuss. By doing away with the asking if the user wants to grant access to an application, Norton reduces the risk of a bad choice. It comes with an application pattern that can automatically detect trusted programs without asking the user.

Norton Internet Security comes with a anti-phishing tool which uses Internet Explorer toolbar to alert to suspicious sites, depending on user's choice, to block them out. Tests showed the anti-phishing mechanism to be highly efficient and can detect four out of five potentially risky sites.