ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

Windows Service monitoring

Monitor Windows Service
    Figure 1: ActiveXperts Network Monitor Windows Service" Check

ActiveXperts solution to monitor a Windows Service

Service monitoring involves a probe that returns the status of a service. ActiveXperts Network Monitor monitors services on local- and remote computers by checking if the status equals "Running". If so, the server is running fine, otherwise it's not.

A Service check requires the following parameters:

  • Computer - The host name or the IP address of the computer you want to monitor;
  • Service - The Windows service name. You can either the 'friendly name' (as it appears in the Control Panel) or the 'short name' (the registry key name in the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services registry hive);
  • Must run / Must not run - Determines success or error of the check. If the service should NOT be running, select 'Must not run', otherwise select 'Must run';
  • Credentials - Select alternate Windows credentials if necessary.