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Capitalize on the flexible infrastructure that cloud computing offers. Get LogicMonitor.

SaaS Monitoring software


LogicMonitor’s pre-configured, hosted monitoring solution will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your systems, and proactively alert you to any issues, without you having to spend days becoming a monitoring expert, or purchase any costly hardware. Best of SaaS Showplace Award Winner.

SaaS-based performance monitoring for modern IT infrastructure.

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Cloud and IT as a Service enablement

The Ensim Automation Suite enables service providers and enterprises to deploy a completesolution for marketplace, service catalog, provisioning, and chargeback / billing

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Knowledge Vault

Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based analytics, auditing, reporting and management platform for organizations that are looking for an easy and affordable way to optimize and secure their Microsoft Office 365 application suite and popular cloud-based storage systems.

Provides discovery, auditing, analytics and management in an advanced and cost-effective solution that enables cloud administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their cloud-based mail and storage systems.

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Network Monitoring

Monitoring all of the different networking technologies that support your IT infrastructure typically means juggling several different vendor-specific network tools - a time-consuming challenge. There's nothing worse than getting hundreds of false server alarms when a router interface fails - unless it's configuring false alarm detection in two, three, or even four different network management tools.

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Zenoss, Inc.

Opsview Enterprise

Opsview Enterprise provides comprehensive monitoring of networks, servers, applications, databases and the Cloud.

  • Customisable dashboards give you instant coverage of system availability and show how problems impact your business processes
  • Leverage our standards compliant datawarehouse and Reports Module to anticipate potential pain-points before they start impacting your customers

Opsview Enterprise provides an array of rich alerting options that allow you to focus your effort where it is needed most:

  • Alert delivery via e-mail, SMS, SNMP traps and other custom interfaces including enterprise social software and leading service desks
  • Basic and advanced escalation rules
  • Event correlation across related systems and auto-suppression of 'flapping' service checks to avoiding alert storms

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Opsera Ltd.