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OpManager predominantly uses SNMP for monitoring health and availability of every element in the Enterprise Network & IT infrastructure. ManageEngine OpManager is a complete end-to-end, proactive, business centric IT infrastructure monitoring software. It provides a unified monitoring console for every device in your network.

OpManager monitors Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Wireless Access points, WAN links, VoIP services, Servers, Services, URLs, Applications, Database, UPS, Printers and much more…

OpManager uses SNMP for monitoring your critical -

  • Servers (Windows/ Linux/ Solaris) for CPU, Memory, Disk, Server Temperature, RAID failures, IO statistics, etc… (Alternatively you can also monitor server resources using WMI or CLI)
  • Applications viz. Oracle, Lotus Domino, RDBMS related monitors and etc… [It also supports monitoring Microsoft’s Active Directory, SQL and Exchange]
  • Routers, Switches, Firewall, and Wireless Access points for CPU, Memory, Temperature, Backplane utilization, Active Connection counts, Interface or port wise traffic details, Error and discards and much more…
  • Other Infrastructure devices like UPS, Printers, Temperature sensors etc…
  • Besides the out-of-the-box monitors, you can configure custom SNMP monitors using OpManager. This facilitates monitoring of performance for almost any device that is pingable and has SNMP enabled!

You can also configure OpManager as SNMP Trap destination, to read into network faults reported by other Network Management Systems over a single OpManager console.

OpManager is an ideal and affordable network monitoring tool for managing today’s complex networks. The small network 10 node edition is available free of cost. The flexible, cost-effective device-based pricing starts at $995 to monitor 50 devices.

Operational HighlightsFeature Highlights
  • 100% web-based
  • Agent-less monitoring (Uses SNMP, TCP/IP, WMI, CLI, Cisco’s IP SLA)
  • Rich GUI and Intuitive graphs
  • Designed to support heterogeneous environment
  • Multi-platform support
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Integrated Infrastructure Management
  • Business Centric IT Management
  • Network Performance Management
  • Server and Application Management
  • Fault Management (Be the First to know)
  • Trend Analysis and Capacity Planning

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Axence netTools

Free and comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface and just perfect for quick network diagnostics.

Axence netTools is completely free of charge, both for home and commercial use - all you have to do is to register.

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InterMapper Flows

InterMapper Flows is our integrated network traffic monitoring software which enhances your ability to analyze the kinds of data flowing across and through your network.

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IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor is a reliable network and server monitoring software that allows availability and performance monitoring of web sites and applications, mail, db and other servers, various network resources and equipment using industry standard SNMP (on UNIX/Linux/Mac) and WMI (on Windows).

With IPHost Network Monitor you can monitor bothWindows and Unix based networks, various servers and network equipment,availability and performance characteristics of web and otherapplications.

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Jacarta Data Center Alerting

Environmental Monitoring products for data centres, server rooms, racks and wiring closets.
Jacarta solutions can monitor your critical environment and rapidly alert you when an alarm incident occurs so that you can take remedial action quickly and effectively. We believe that the quality and reliability of these types of solution backed by rapid and first class alerting options are of paramount importance when such a crucial job needs to be done.

protect data centres, server rooms and racks by preventing computer equipment damage and data loss due to over-heating, excess moisture, water ingress, fire, power failures, security breaches, and many other potentially catastrophic environmental threats.

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Jacarta Ltd


Netmon is a comprehensive network monitoring appliance which gives you a complete perspective of your network from a variety of vantage points.

Netmon is an all-in-one network monitoring software solution for identifying and resolving IT infrastructure and network issues.

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Netmon Inc.


SNMPc is a secure distributed network management system that will monitor your entire network infrastructure.

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WebNMS SNMP API, a comprehensive toolkit for rapid development of SNMP-based management applications that are reliable, scalable, and independent of operating system.

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