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MetaLAN Windows Systems Management

MetaLAN is a small, fast, reliable and easy to use Windows network management system. It is agent-less, meaning no software needs to be installed on the network computers for full integration and control. It can be run standalone or as a server side service that collects data from the network on a continual basis for a team of administrators and helpdesk staff.

MetaLAN is a systems management, remote computing, software audit / software license tracking and hardware inventory tool.

Whether you are in charge or planning new server and workstationinfrastructure or supporting users day to day, MetaLAN provides the tools toget the job done without fuss. Remote control, real time reporting, Wake OnLAN, remote shutdown, hardware inventory, storage tracking, software licensecompliance, health monitoring, registry search and manipulation are justsome of the features included. The licensing model means you don't need topay extra if you hire additional staff or contractors.

Comprehensive help is provided. However, because of our design philosophy,most users will need no training or help to manage the computers, softwareand users on your network.

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