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Active Directory Monitoring and Reporting

Administrators leverage AD security groups and file system Access Control Lists (ACLs) to grant or deny access to various network resources. And because Active Directory has such a far reach throughout organizations, there are a number of common security concerns.

  • Technical staff needs to have full rights throughout the network in order to effectively manage the environment but some information should be protected from technical staff.
  • Multiple technical staff members don't know what each other is doing.
  • It's difficult to manage a historical view of changes to user accounts, group memberships and file system ACLs.
  • There's no understanding of dormant or unused accounts, or when inappropriate rights are granted via group memberships or ACLs.
  • There's no way for management to know when domain GPOs have been changed.

Managing Active Directory in a dynamic organization can be a complicated task. And due to Active Directory's architectural design and common security policies, there are some basic security risks that most AD implementations share. In a sentence,

Administrators have too much control and there's no system of checks and balances.

Fortunately, NetVision solves these problems with simple and effective solutions that are quick to implement, easy to use, and significantly reduce organizational risk.