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ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server

SMS Messaging Server is an SMS messaging framework that enables companies to send, receive and process SMS messages. The framework is designed support virtually any scenario where low-and high volume SMS messaging is used. SMS Messaging supports GSM Modems, GSM Phones (GSM 07.05 and GSM 07.07 specs), SMPP 3.x, POP3 and SMTP.

SMS Messaging Server can be fully scripted through the widely adopted VBScript scripting language.

Use SMS Messaging Server where:

  • Mobile Users are able to query databases for stock quantities, new orders or customer information
  • Mobile users can receive critical information while they are away from the office
  • Mobile users can receive notifications when important e-mails (from specific users or with specific subjects) have arrived
  • Companies can route urgent calls to the service personnel
  • Companies can send daily (stock) prices to their personnel or customers
  • Remote workers can update their time sheets
  • IT personnel can remotely restart services or reboot servers
  • Multimedia companies - like radio stations and television stations - can setup their own voting system, enabling customers to bring out votes and request voting reports
  • Entertainment companies - like bars and dancing's - can send out information about special events to their customers
  • Emergency Response Centers can offer a service to locals to report crime by a short message