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Advanced TCP Logger

Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger input TCP/IP or UDP data directly into file, Excel, Access, any database or another Windows application.

Main features of Advanced TCP Logger

  • Display of all transmitted data
  • Packet Viewer
  • Total transferred bytes counter
  • Command line options
  • Option to make window stay "always on top"
  • Help & Documentation
  • Small size and low system requirements
  • Ease of use

When can this program be used? When can you need it?

  • If you want a simple proxy server (e.g. port mapper, port redirector).
  • It you want to count traffic.
  • If you want to save all the traffic packets in files, which you might want to analyze later.
  • If you want to study a format of network packages (protocols) used in any unknown programs.
  • If you are the developer of the network equipment or software and you have to solve problems from area Embedded-Ethernet, microWEB. i.e. generally IP - access to devices based on microcontrollers.
  • If you want to see "live" activity of the network protocols (e.g.: pop3, smtp, http, icq, irc).
  • You want to disassemble activity of scripts of any web-site and introduce automation into operations.
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