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Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CloudWatch by, Inc

Amazon CloudWatch - Monitor & Manage Service Health and Performance

Amazon CloudWatch serves as a native monitoring tool, providing actionable insights for AWS workloads. It can be installed in your on-premises, public cloud, or hybrid environments. When deployed, CloudWatch enables comprehensive monitoring of your entire IT stack, including virtual machines, applications, and services. Additionally, you can automate actions to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by utilizing alarms, events data, and logs.

Amazon CloudWatch continuously monitors your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and the applications hosted on AWS in real time. It allows you to collect and track metrics, which represent measurable variables related to your resources and applications.

When you access the CloudWatch home page, it automatically presents metrics for every AWS service you utilize. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create custom dashboards to showcase metrics specific to your custom applications, as well as display curated collections of metrics that you select.

Furthermore, CloudWatch enables you to set up alarms that monitor metrics and trigger notifications or automated actions when thresholds are breached. For instance, you can monitor CPU usage and disk read/write activity for your Amazon EC2 instances. Based on this data, you can decide whether to launch additional instances to handle increased load or even stop underutilized instances to optimize costs.