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BioTrends EM
BioTrends EM by BioTrends

BioTrends EM - Environmental Monitoring for the Biotech Industry

BioTrends EM has evolved over time, becoming a comprehensive management system for the entire microbiological monitoring process. It encompasses everything from planning and executing sampling to incubation, culminating in plate reading and identification of CFUs.

The system seamlessly integrates with mobile devices equipped with barcode readers, supporting operators and analysts. This integration accelerates and streamlines all necessary operations.

Noteworthy features include mapping of the monitored areas to highlight any “hot spots” and managing qualifications (such as personnel gowning validations). An effective and user-friendly samplings planner allows assignment to single operators and advanced programming.

During data entry, the system provides warnings for possible inconsistencies. If an acceptance level has been exceeded, it meticulously tracks each operation through a well-structured Audit Trail.