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Cloud and IT as a Service enablement

The Ensim Automation Suite enables service providers and enterprises to deploy a completesolution for marketplace, service catalog, provisioning, and chargeback / billing

Delegated administration portals enable simplified and automated user self service at all levels. Consisting of 4 main modules which can be deployed stand-alone, or as a pre-integrated, end-to-end solution. In addition, use of web service APIs in each module enable easy integration to pre-existing IDM, ERP, CRM, Finance, and other Back Office systems for rapid deployment.

Ensim Cloud Marketplace provides a turnkey sales, marketing, and ordering portal with customizable content management to message and merchandise all of your services and enables shopping, comparison, trials, promotions, search, filtering by category and vertical industry, and user buying and support resources like documents and videos.

Ensim Service Catalog Manager provides complete dashboard, storefront, ordering, approval workflows, subscription and contract management, service catalog, product modeling, pricing, rating, billing with invoicing / charge-back, payment and reconciliation, notifications, analytics, and process automation, orchestration and workflows, for offering any and all types of products and services to customers, employees, agents, resellers, and wholesalers.

Ensim Service Operations Manager provides automated provisioning, activation, and element level operational management of users and organizations in business applications, cloud services, and infrastructure with self-service role based delegated administration, provisioning templates, granular entitlement and access control, change management, physical and logical resource management, metering and monitoring, usage collection, and reporting.

Ensim Service & Application Connectors enable all of the automation functionality of the above platforms to be fully leverage for fine grain provisioning and element level management for any application, service, or infrastructure system connected through standard web service APIs whether multi-tenant or single tenant, on-premise or in the cloud.

Ensim Solutions have been deployed across a broad range of organizations of every shape and size around the world. Some examples are; a financial services enterprise with nearly 300,000 users with significant regulatory compliance needs, a telecom operator with 1,000,000 users made up mostly of 5 to 10 employee small businesses, a mid-sized company with 5,000 users in 5 offices in 3 countries, a cloud hosting company with mid-sized customers seeking high availability solutions, a global defense contractor with 160,000 staff in 20 countries with critical governmental security requirements, a consumer hosting company with over 1 million users, 700,000 of which are in a single consumer domain, a University with 20,000 students on Google Gmail and 1,500 faculty and staff on Microsoft Exchange, an MSP which services medium-sized enterprises in healthcare, legal, and financial services with critical security and compliance requirements. With over 300 major deployments in over 30 countries, Ensim is sure to meet your specific requirements.