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CrossTec SchoolVue

Using CrossTec SchoolVue, an Instructor can broadcast their screen, multimedia files, or any user’s screen to other participants; record and playback screen sessions; monitor students as they work; carry on bidirectional text or audio conversations and lectures; create, administer, monitor and automatically grade tests; remote control a PC for one-on-one instruction and much more.

CrossTec SchoolVue software provides teachers with an instant, on demand connection to their student technology.

CrossTec SchoolVue software offers real solutions to real problems:

Classroom management software has been proven to improve learning by giving students more time on lessons and providing educators with more efficient us of teaching time.

SchoolVue software delivers instant, on demand technical support to the teacher when needed.

Eliminate in appropriate technology use.

SchoolVue software is the most reliable and efficient classroom management tool in 1:1 environments.