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Datadog AWS Monitoring
Datadog AWS Monitoring by Datadog

Datadog AWS Monitoring - Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Tracking

Datadog goes beyond basic monitoring for AWS. Gain full visibility across all layers of your complex environment. Secure your infrastructure and track every step of your migration to AWS, ensuring a smooth transition.

Say goodbye to complex monitoring for your AWS environments. Datadog unifies data streams with its hundreds of built-in integrations. Gain instant insights with out-of-the-box dashboards and preconfigured alerts. Datadog's Recommended Monitors help you be proactive, keeping your AWS infrastructure running smoothly.

Datadog’s Amazon Web Services Monitor allows companies to seamlessly deploy the Datadog Agent directly on their hosts and Amazon EC2 compute instances. This deployment enables the collection of more granular metrics, including memory utilization and disk latency, with impressive one-second resolution. As a result, organizations gain a comprehensive perspective: both a high-level overview of their infrastructure and applications’ health and a service-level view into critical components like AWS Lambda and Amazon EKS.