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DB Tools for Oracle

DB Tools for Oracle is an integrated set of 'must have' tools for Oracle DBAs and developers.

It includes all the tools needed for Oracle database monitoring, tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, debugging, benchmarking, auditing, and reporting. DB Tools includes the following components: SQL Editor and Debugger, PL/SQL Profiler, DB Monitor Expert, DB Difference Expert, DB Tuning Expert, DB Index Expert, DB Log Expert, DB Benchmark Expert, DB Audit Expert, DB Trends Expert, DB Alert Expert, DB Zip/Unzip Expert, DB Job Expert, and more.This version includes the new DB Application Expert which will change the way you monitor your database applications. Using DB Application Expert you can easily find out users that run database applications, locks created by applications and their impact on other processes, objects accessible by applications and the executed SQL code. DB Application Expert consists of graphical explorer-style Application Monitor console and server side Application Monitor and Profiler packages. It also includes a number of reports for application analysis, monitoring, load balancing, and troubleshooting