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EventSentry - system and network monitoring and software/hardware inventory suite for servers and workstations

PC Monitoring software


EventSentry is an easy-to-use, flexible yet affordable real-time log, system and network monitoring and software/hardware inventory suite for servers and workstations. EventSentry monitors log files as well as the availability of all important system components, including their performance.

You can receive event log alerts through a variety of notifications (e.g. email, pager, etc.) and our filtering engine supports advanced features such as thresholds, day/time settings, summaries, timers and recurring schedules not found in other products. The unique real-time log monitoring component can normalize any OS or application – specific delimited log file type (e.g. IIS, DHCP, Firewall) for advanced searching and reporting.

EventSentry also helps companies meet the requirements of SOX, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory requirements. With EventSentry you can consolidate events to a central database and create a variety of reports with the web-based reporting component. Unlike agentless solutions, EventSentry uses reliable agents which monitor your machines in real-time without any impact on performance or the network. Agents also ensure that your systems are monitored in real-time regardless of network connectivity.

Additionally, EventSentry also monitors services, disk space, performance, software/hardware, NTP and file checksums. EventSentry's compliance tracking feature normalizes Windows security events and provides insightful tracking information about Active Directory, application usage and logon activity. Network devices can be monitored through Syslog, SNMP and heartbeat checks. Environment sensors are also available and support monitoring temperature, humidity, water, smoke and motion.

EventSentry can be evaluated for 30 days; a free version is also available. Inquire for server and workstation pricing.