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FormsAPI Master

FormsAPI Master helps you leverage the power of the Oracle Forms6i Open Application Interface to programmatically query, modify and create FMB/MMB/PLL/OLB Modules.

It has an easy to learn scripting language (similar to PL/SQL) that gives you full access & flexibility over the Oracle FormsAPI plus some built-in high performance tools for mining and modifying existing modules (Forms Comparer, Deluxe Forms Report). Once you understand the Oracle FormsAPI (which is not that hard, thanks to the simple scriptlanguage and the easy to use helperfunctions!) and start to leverage the power of the Forms Open API you will not want to miss this tool anymore!

"In normal application development enviroments you think twice before making changes to your whole application system because if you have to do all the work manually it will take weeks or months .. or is simply impossible to do. This is where FormsAPI Master kicks in, this tool gives you the power to change your whole applicationsystem within a few minutes to whatever you want!

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