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IBM Instana
IBM Instana by IBM

IBM Instana - Advanced Application Performance Monitoring

Today's cloud environments are a whirlwind of interconnected services. When outages strike, downtime costs can skyrocket to six figures per hour or more. Traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools simply can't keep up. They're slow, lack depth, and often require months of training for "super users" to decipher the data.

Instana goes beyond traditional APM, making observability accessible to all. It empowers your entire team – DevOps, SREs, platform engineers, ITOps, and developers – with the data they need, presented in a clear and actionable way.

Instana automatically delivers high-definition data, updating every second (1-second granularity). It also provides end-to-end traces that map the complete journey of a request, considering both the logical flow within your application and the physical infrastructure it interacts with – across mobile, web, applications, and everything in between.