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  ipMonitor: Turnkey availability monitoring designed for small businesses
  to ensure your network, servers, & applications are always up!

To keep on top of what's happening with all of those moving parts, youneed an easy-to-use, reliable monitoring solution that enables you toget a leg up on problems before you get swamped with calls from thosehigh-maintenance users over in accounting.

ipMonitor delivers out-of-the-box availability monitoring that isperfect for small- and medium-sized businesses. With ipMonitor, youalways know exactly what's happening with your applications, servers,and network devices. Plus, ipMonitor includes a built-in database andWeb server, so you don't need to install anything but ipMonitor - makingit fast, affordable, and easy, even if you don't have a PhD in networkmanagement.

ipMonitor Highlights:

  • Quickly discovers IP-based network devices and automatically recommends SmartMonitor settings for each device - a huge time savings as no manual configuration is required
  • Performs out-of-the-box monitoring of Active Directory®, DNS, Microsoft® Exchange, FTP, Web, IMAP, MS SQL Server™, SMTP, and more
  • Enables both logical and dynamic grouping of devices to facilitate organization and management
  • Monitors end-user experience with synthetic transactions
  • Creates customizable network maps that enable you to visually monitor network data and to drill down to take immediate corrective actions
  • Automates recovery and remediation actions to reduce downtime
  • Provides a cutting-edge user interface and dashboard that enable you to quickly get a clear view of the health of your network and application infrastructure
  • Leverages SNMP, WMI, and RPC for agent-less monitoring of critical applications and systems