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ManageEngine Applications Manager
ManageEngine Applications Manager by Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

ManageEngine Applications Manager - End-to-End Application Performance Monitoring

ManageEngine Applications Manager simplifies your cloud journey by providing comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and optimization for your AWS Cloud Footprint. Here’s how it empowers you:

Discover and Map Your Environment

Automatically detect and map all your instances, processes, and services across both your cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments. Understand the entirety of your technology stack.

Analyze Key Metrics

Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gain deep insights into every component of your AWS cloud environment. Prioritize based on business impact and plan your migration effectively.

Migration Acceleration

Confidently migrate your AWS workloads from on-premise environments, hosting facilities, or other public clouds. Seamlessly transition to the AWS cloud.

Optimize for Success

Automate operations to self-remediate issues. Improve productivity and deliver exceptional user experiences. Whether you’re managing a startup or an enterprise, Applications Manager ensures you have the visibility and control needed to navigate the complexities of AWS. From monitoring AWS expenses to resolving performance bottlenecks, it’s your trusted companion throughout your cloud journey

Database Monitoring

Pinpoint database problems impacting application speed. Monitor a wide range of databases - relational (Oracle, SQL Server), NoSQL (MongoDB), in-memory (memcached), and big data (Hadoop) - all without installing agents. Dive deep into SQL statements to identify and fix slow database calls, ensuring optimal application performance.