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Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operations Manager)
Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) by Microsoft

Microsoft SCOM - Enterprise-Level Monitoring and Operations Management

Microsoft System Center provides an array of tools designed to streamline data center management, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. These tools simplify tasks related to monitoring, automation, and provisioning within software-defined enterprise data centers. Data center administrators can leverage these tools to diagnose and troubleshoot issues across their infrastructure.

One notable component is SCOM (System Center Operations Manager). SCOM serves as a flexible and cost-effective solution for infrastructure monitoring and performance management. IT administrators can use SCOM to monitor operations, track installed services and applications, and keep an eye on connected devices across multiple computers. All this can be done conveniently from a centralized console.

Within the console, administrators gain insights into the health, performance, and availability of the monitored objects. When problems arise, SCOM provides a prioritized list of recommendations for resolution. With SCOM, administrators can effectively monitor both data center and cloud infrastructure (whether public or private), ensuring consistent performance and uninterrupted availability of critical enterprise applications.