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Nagios Network Analyzer
Nagios Network Analyzer by Nagios Enterprises, LLC

Nagios Network Analyzer - Comprehensive Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Harness the capabilities of heightened network awareness through the advanced alerting and reporting functionalities of the Network Analyzer. Dive into detailed packet-level data for thorough tracking and analysis. Administrators are promptly notified when critical thresholds are exceeded or unusual network behavior occurs, enabling proactive issue resolution.

Additionally, users benefit from a fully customizable bandwidth utilization calculator, allowing them to generate reports that summarize bandwidth usage per source, IP address, or any preferred combination.

Enhance your network monitoring with both comprehensive overviews and detailed data, enabling thorough analysis of network performance. Obtain insights into traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, and identify potential security risks through a centralized dashboard.

Effortlessly access crucial NetFlow and sFlow data, server performance metrics, and anomalies in network behavior for rapid network troubleshooting and diagnostics.