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Nagios XI
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
Nagios XI SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor by Nagios Enterprises, LLC

Nagios XI - Advanced IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Alerting

Nagios IT infrastructure monitoring and alerting software solution is crafted to address the rigorous demands of modern organizations, offering unmatched usability, adaptability, and customization.

Nagios provides thorough monitoring of essential components, applications, and systems through its extensive array of Nagios add-ons and a multitude of third-party add-ons, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Guaranteeing peak server performance across all monitoring activities is the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine, leveraging highly efficient processes to deliver scalability and efficacy.

Nagios improves user access to pertinent information by providing a centralized perspective of IT networks, along with dashboards enabling swift access to monitoring data and third-party insights. Proactively address infrastructure issues using automated trending and capacity planning graphs, coupled with preemptive alerts dispatched via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, or Microsoft Teams, ensuring rapid resolution by IT personnel, stakeholders, and users.