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Novatek Environmental Monitoring
Novatek Environmental Monitoring by Novatek International

Novatek Environmental Monitoring - Precision Analytics for Environmental Compliance

Novatek’s Environmental Monitoring software operates as a process-based solution that aligns with your complete sampling workflow. It doesn’t merely handle scheduling for individual sampling points; it also captures all critical quality control parameters. By ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures, Novatek’s Environmental Monitoring supports cGMP and best practices. This comprehensive approach includes integrating the QC Laboratory, instrumentation, and mobile sample acquisition within a paperless environment.

Novatek's software solution leads the market in Risk-Based Environmental Monitoring programs. As global regulatory pressure intensifies, pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of demonstrating that their processes remain under control and that corrective measures are in place should any issues arise. Merely addressing excursions reactively is insufficient, especially when production continues and the product is already at risk. The solution lies in proactive Environmental Monitoring programs that can identify problems before they occur. This shift in approach emphasizes a "Risk-Based" strategy for monitoring critical manufacturing processes, such as aseptic filling of sterile products.