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ObserveIT - Session Auditing##unix

Linux and Unix Monitoring software

ObserveIT - Session Auditing

Free RDP, Citrix, VMWare & SSH Visual Recording
Like a Security Camera on Your Servers!
Record 3rd-party vendors and privileged user sessions.

Get the free award-winning server monitoring tool from ObserveIT. Record and Replay all user sessions on your network servers. Any remote access or console session is searchable and ready for playback!

  • Search and replay all interactive shell logins.
  • See details of all command line activity, resulting system calls, and resources affected by each cal
  • Tie a wildcard to actual results (ex: If the user types rm *.txt, ObserveIT will record the command that was typed, plus the exact name of each file that was deleted.)
  • Privileged user authentication ties a specific user to shared privileged passwords

Protocol-agnostic: ObserveIT records all Unix SSH and Telnet sessions, and also supports Windows and Citrix sessions on a mixed network. Discover why the world's leading banks, manufacturers, telco and healthcare companies rely on ObserveIT to generate secure compliance audits, to monitor 3rd-party vendors and to improve system uptime.

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