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PageGate allows for network messaging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of the following methords: email, webpage, commandline, textfile, Internet, serial port, modem, mobile phone, wireless modem, direct database access and windows client.

SMS or text messages can be sent to mobile phones, wireless devices, cell phones, pagers, billboards, etc....

PageGate is a flexible powerful way to take control of corporate communications.

PageGate can be installed to run on a single non-dedicated workstation, or using its modular architecture, PageGate can actually be installed across a dozen or more computers for a truly high-performance messaging gateway system.

PageGate SMS Server Engine - The messaging engine takes input from any of the front-end modules and sends the messages to telecom service providers via modem, the Internet or email. Any number of the front-end modules can be used simultaneously. Licenses are required for the number of recipients setup in the messaging / SMS server. The messaging engine can run on an existing file or web server, or can be run on a separate workstation or server.

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