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Right Web Monitor

Right Web Monitor is a handy feature-rich tool that helps you detect changes in all kinds of web resources (web pages and FTP folders, applications, images, mailboxes or any other).

The program constantly monitors the specified web resources and notifies you by displaying a pop-up window, playing a sound or sending a special email message when any changes occur. In some cases it can even download the modified file onto your hard drive. With Right Web Monitor you will never miss the latest news or critical updates for your software. The flexible system of settings lets you specify an individual checking schedule for every monitored resource. Right Web Monitor features a comprehensive checking algorithm that will not be foiled by today’s dynamic web applications: the program can check not only the file size, date or other properties, but the actual content of the web page by extracting it and comparing to the saved sample. Other program features include individual tracking schedule and notification pattern for each monitored object, automatic startup, ability to work via a proxy server and intuitive user interface.