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SecureAnywhere Business

Spy Sweeper detects and safely removes all forms of invasive spyware, including Trojans, adware, key loggers, and system monitors.

It eatures a real-time active memory shield, smart sweeper technology that adapts to dynamically changing spies to ensure your protection, support for detachable and network drives, customizable sweeping options to save you time and one-click access to a detailed spy database. The Spy Sweeper application offers one-time access to the latest updated spyware definitions, giving you immediate spyware protection. For ongoing protection against ever-evolving spyware, Spy Sweeper offers a fee-based subscription service that provides the most advanced security available. A Spy Sweeper subscription offers seamless updates to new definitions that detect and remove threats as they emerge plus the support of expert customer service to help keep your system free from spyware problems.

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