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Sensatronics/ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor

Environmental monitoring equipment is not something new. Manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and hotels have been using the basic technology for decades to monitor industrial processes, freezer temperatures and other factors relevant to their operations. When there was a problem, a light on a control panel would switch from green to red and the engineer on duty would go take a look at what was going on.

Some of the common probes include:

  • Temperature - This is the most popular item. You can monitor the temperature for the datacenter as a whole, or can place a sensor on a particular rack. They are also useful for locations such as server closets where it is unlikely anyone will be around to notice a rise in temperature;
  • Humidity - If the humidity is too high, it leads to corrosion. Too low and you have problems with excess static electricity;
  • Water - Water on the floor, whether from a broken pipe or a leaky roof, can cause electrical shorts.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor supports the following models:

  • Model EM1 - includes 4 groups of 3 probes to monitor temperature, humidty and wetness on three different locations;
  • Model E4 - includes 4 probes to monitor temperature on four different locations;
  • Model E8 - includes 8 probes to monitor temperature on eight different locations;
  • Model E16/CM16 - includes 16 probes to monitor temperature on sixteen different locations.