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Servers Alive

High network monitoring performance without a high price. From a simple ping to more complex SNMP checks, web URLs to Windows performance monitoring.

Servers Alive is an end-to-end network monitor program. Among the many checks it can do: it can monitor any Winsock service, ping a host, check if a Windows service/process is running, check the available disk space on a server, retrieve an URL, check your database engine, and more. When it detects a down condition it can warn you in various ways, including sending you an email (SMTP) saying what is down, or paging you with a numeric or alphanumeric warning. It's also the first monitoring program to support WAP pages viewable with wireless devices. Servers Alive also supports host dependency and can be easily interrogated using a telnet client and/or a web browser. In version 3 we've added the following: ability to run natively as a service, greater control of HTML reporting through templates, team reporting, access to Windows NT and 2000 performance monitoring, ESMTP alerting, built in statistics, and many more checks! This is our most functional and easy-to-use monitor by far! We've also gone to greater lengths to make sure you have the support documentation you need. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the improvements."

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