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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) by

Unrivaled Network Insight with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a robust and cost-effective network monitoring solution built to enable thorough monitoring from the initial discovery phase. NPM's automated network device discovery tool effortlessly locates all devices within your network, streamlining the monitoring process. In addition, you can use visualization tools to depict relationships between devices, applications and connections by mapping the network topology. This improves visibility and eases the troubleshooting process.

NPM is packed with a plethora of functionalities tailored to elevate both troubleshooting and network performance supervision. Utilizing the PerfStackâ„¢ capability, you can seamlessly arrange various performance indicators onto a unified timeline. This aids in expedited root cause identification and illuminates correlations between seemingly disparate network performance anomalies. With NetPathâ„¢, you gain the ability to conduct step-by-step analysis along vital routes spanning devices and applications across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid settings.

In order to swiftly detect performance issues, it's essential to have a network monitoring system in place. NPM conducts thorough analyses of historical data, utilizing them to establish benchmarks for network performance. Custom configurations within NPM enable the system to promptly issue alerts upon meeting these benchmarks or encountering other notable deviations, such as request failures, diminished server health, excessive CPU utilization, and similar concerns. These alerts furnish comprehensive details including node identification, timestamp of the alert, and severity level, facilitating prioritized troubleshooting of critical issues.

NPM consolidates wired and wireless device monitoring within a singular network monitoring framework. This comprehensive solution incorporates Wi-Fi monitoring software, enabling the identification and classification of wireless devices, which can be monitored concurrently with wired devices. Updates to Wi-Fi maps occur at five-minute intervals, ensuring a real-time depiction of evolving network connectivity, providing precise insights into coverage. Additionally, NPM's filtering functionality simplifies the retrieval of wireless device performance metrics, traffic data, and configuration particulars, facilitating streamlined access to essential information.