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SP8 Environment Monitoring

SP8 is an advanced ethernet environmental monitoring system in a 1U rackmountable enclosure providing temperature, humidity, voltage, water leak, smoke, security, UPS, air conditioning and generator monitoring.

SP8 can monitor up to eight sensors in any combination. Simply connect the SP8 to your network, assign an IP address, plug in the sensors and away you go!

Monitoring of the SP8 can be carried out via a web browser or SNMP network management system and alerts provided via Email and/or SNMP traps. In conjunction with our optional Alert Centre facility, SMS and voice telephone alerts can also be provided.

The SP8 is supplied complete with a temperature probe but additional optional sensors are also available. SP8 automatically detects any sensors attached to ensure swift configuration.

SP8 environmental monitoring computer rooms and racksSP8 is supplied with a 7.5V dc power adapter, and the sensors require no additional power supplies or batteries.

SP8 Feature Overview

  • Designed for 'out-of-the-box' remote environmental monitoring
  • Easy configuration via browser using embedded web server
  • Configure high and low alarm threshold settings appropriate for your environment
  • Monitoring capability via SNMP network management systems (eg. OpenView, Tivoli, What'sUp Gold, etc.)
  • Email alarm notification
  • Static, DHCP, or SNMP IP address assignment capability
  • No maintenance required
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Auto-detection of any sensors attached
  • SP8 can monitor temperature, humidity, water leaks, airflow, security
  • SP8's can also monitor any dry contact for UPS, fire panel, air conditioning, etc. monitoring
  • 10BaseT
  • 8 Sensor ports
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