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Splunk AI
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Splunk AI: Accelerate Decision-Making with Human-in-the-Loop AI

Splunk serves as the cornerstone of enterprise resilience. The most prominent organizations worldwide rely on Splunk to safeguard and maintain the security and reliability of their digital systems.

Splunk takes a deliberate and thoughtful approach to AI, prioritizing three core principles:

Domain Expertise - AI capabilities are tailored specifically for security and observability use cases. This domain-specific focus ensures tight integration with your existing workflows and highly relevant insights that directly address your needs.

Human Focus - Recognizing the critical role of human decision-making, especially when safeguarding sensitive systems, Splunk's AI is designed to assist, not replace, human experts. Our tools empower them with faster and more informed choices.

Open Architecture - As Splunk integrates further AI functionalities, open extensibility remains a priority. This allows both customers and partners to build upon our existing models or introduce their own. These custom models can work with data both within Splunk and from external sources, fostering a flexible and adaptable approach that aligns with your specific policies and risk tolerance.