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Splunk App for Vmware

Unlock the value of your VMware vSphere data such as host and VM performance metrics, ESX/i host and vCenter logs, vCenter Server tasks and events with the Splunk App for VMware.

Virtualized environments make datacenters nimble. However, dynamic systems and abstracted resources introduce new challenges. The traditional approach of monitoring individual technology silos often results in extending troubleshooting times and inaccurate analyses. Problem investigation, resolution and avoidance now demand a holistic approach that spans multiple technology tiers to virtualization monitoring.

Splunk apps for virtualization offer comprehensive monitoring of your virtual datacenter for leading hypervisors and desktop virtualization technologies, enabling you to:

  • Proactively prevent and manage performance problems, capacity bottlenecks, unexpected events, changes and security risks
  • Trend, analyze and report accurately for optimum user experience, resource allocation and change management
  • Link user or application related issues to events occurring in the underlying physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructure tiers for end-to-end visibility