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VMware Cloud Foundation
VMware Cloud Foundation by Broadcom Inc.

VMware Cloud Foundation - Unified Multi-Cloud Platform

VMware Cloud Foundation presents a comprehensive software platform tailored for constructing and overseeing private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. By amalgamating VMware's virtualization technologies for computing, storage, and networking, alongside robust management features, it furnishes a unified foundation for hosting enterprise applications and workloads across diverse cloud landscapes.

At its essence, VMware Cloud Foundation abstracts and consolidates physical hardware resources—comprising computing, storage, and networking—before virtualizing them to establish a software-defined data center (SDDC) environment. This abstraction facilitates heightened flexibility, efficiency, and automation in resource management.

VMware Cloud Foundation is architected to instate a cloud operating model that merges the scalability and agility of public cloud infrastructures with the security and performance of private clouds. This transformation empowers organizations to assume the role of their own cloud provider, commencing with modernizing on-premises cloud infrastructure to catalyze developer productivity.

Moreover, VMware Cloud Foundation optimizes the performance, resilience, and availability of virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes clusters by seamlessly integrating container orchestration capabilities. This functionality, delivered through VMware Cloud Foundation, ensures enhanced operational efficiency and agility across cloud environments .