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WAPT is a load and stress testing tool that lets you easily analyze the performance of your web site. It can be a mobile application, a web service or a customized ERP system.

The regular version of WAPT provides the most affordable and easy to configure load testing solution. It works as a single application that includes test design and load generation features. You can record tests using any desktop or mobile browser, design and optimize them with help of a convenient product GUI and run test scenarios with up to approximately 2,000 concurrent virtual users. Your target web site can run under any OS, including all UNIX and Windows platforms. It can be implemented with any web technology and have a distributed architecture consisting of multiple servers and databases. The only requirement is the availability of a web interface through which WAPT can simulate the activity of real site visitors.

  • Fast test recording and design
    You can create your tests in a matter of minutes by doing exactly what you need to emulate while all your actions are being recorded. Code-free interface will allow you designing virtual user profiles and adjusting test options without any script programming.
  • Accurate simulation of real users
    WAPT uses a number of techniques to simulate real life conditions as accurate as possible. Different types of virtual users can visit different pages, automatically fill forms, click buttons and perform any other user actions. Each virtual user has its own specific parameters, such as cookies, names and passwords, page form values, etc.
  • Support of RIA technologies and mobile applications
    WAPT provides automatic handling of standard session data and a number of functions to work with application-specific values. Extension modules are available to facilitate work with, JSON, Adobe Flash, Silverlight and GWT applications.
  • Testing of secure web sites
    Full support for all web security features is provided in the product: HTTPS recording and playback, authentication schemes (Basic/Digest/NTLM/Kerberos) and client certificates.
  • Advanced error reporting
    You can check the correct behavior of your web site under load in a number of ways: HTTP response codes, network level errors, server delays, timeouts, and response validation by page content.
  • Comprehensive test results
    As a result of the test execution you obtain the detailed report with over 20 tables. Graphs available even at runtime will let you track the performance parameters during the test and analyze the results on its completion.
  • Integrated log viewer
    The log viewer lets you browse each executed session step by step. You can find detailed information on every HTTP request and response and compare all values with the originally recorded ones. This is a very efficient tool to find the roots of any problem revealed by the test. You can also apply this feature on the test design stage when you need to verify that the session is emulated correctly.
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