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Using our proven Entity-Relationship (ER) Architecture and the "English-like" Zim fourth generation language (4GL), Zim includes new technology offering improved performance and functionality that will take your complex database applications to a new level.

New features include: Multiplatform Thin Client (ZimQt Client), Advanced Dedicated Lock Manager, Online Back Up and higher scalability, supporting more concurrent users while maintaining the same level of processing. With new data, transaction and locking mechanisms built to handle even the most complex data processing needs, we are sure you'll be amazed at what Zim 8.50 can do for you.

The most compelling feature in the Zim 8.50 release is the introduction of the ZimQt multiplatform thin client. Zim 8.50 is a true Client/Server environment, where ZimQt Client provides remote client access to Zim database and application servers and all critical data resides on the server, dramatically improving security and performance.

With all data residing on a centralized server, administration and management of Zim applications and data is made easier saving time and money. Deploying applications is easier since all licensing is managed on the server and there are no product activations required on the client.

Zim 8.50 continues to support "TUI" (text-based applications) in Unix/Linux environments.