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ALTIGA-HTTP-STATS-MIB.mib object view, vendor Altiga-Networks-Inc


Most network devices and programs ship with so-called MIB files to describe the parameters and meanings (i.e.: friendly names) which are available for monitoring via SNMP.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import vendor-specific MIB files, so it can be used to monitor specific OID's (Object Identifiers). This way, you can monitor your devices, computers, etc. by selecting your relevant OID's by name.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import MIB file ALTIGA-HTTP-STATS-MIB and use it to monitor vendor specific OID's.



Scalar Object
alHttpStatsOctetsSent .
The number of octets sent.
alHttpStatsOctetsRcvd .
The number of octets received.
alHttpStatsPacketsSent .
The number of packets.
alHttpStatsPacketsRcvd .
The number of packets received.
alHttpStatsActiveConnections .
The number of active TCP connections.
alHttpStatsMaxConnections .
The maximum number of active TCP connections that existed at one any time.
alHttpStatsActiveSessions .
The number of active sessions.
alHttpStatsMaxSessions .
The maximum number of active sessions that existed at one any time.
alHttpStatsTotalConnections .
The total number of TCP connections established.
alHttpStatsTotalSessions .
The total number of sessions established.
alHttpStatsSessionEntry .
An entry in the alHttpStatsSessionTable.
Tabular Object
alHttpStatsSessionIndex .
Index of this session.
alHttpStatsSessionName .
Name of the administrator using this session.
alHttpStatsSessionIpAddr .
Remote IP address of this session..
alHttpStatsSessionStartTime .
Login time of this session.
alHttpStatsSessionLoginTime .
time_t value of the concentrator at the start of this session.
alHttpStatsSessionEncr .
The type of encryption algorithm used for this session.
alHttpStatsSessionOctetsSent .
Number of octets sent during this session.
alHttpStatsSessionOctetsRcvd .
Number of octets received during this session.
alHttpStatsSessionPacketsSent .
Number of packets sent during this session.
alHttpStatsSessionPacketsRcvd .
Number of packets received during this session.
alHttpStatsSessionActiveConnections .
Number of active TCP connections for this session.
alHttpStatsSessionMaxConnections .
Maximum number of active TCP connections for this session at any one time.
alHttpStatsSessionTotalConnections .
Total number of TCP connections for this session.
alHttpStatsSessionTable .
List of active HTTP sessions.
Object Identifier
altigaHttpStatsMibModule .
The Altiga HTTP Statistics MIB models counters and objects that are of management interest for HTTP. Acronyms The following acronyms are used in this document: HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol MIB: Management Information Base TCP: Transmission Control Protocol
alStatsHttpGlobal .
altigaHttpStatsMibConformance .
altigaHttpStatsMibCompliances .
altigaHttpStatsGroup .
The objects for HTTP statistics.