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CISCO-LEC-DATA-VCC-MIB.mib object view, vendor Cisco


Most network devices and programs ship with so-called MIB files to describe the parameters and meanings (i.e.: friendly names) which are available for monitoring via SNMP.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import vendor-specific MIB files, so it can be used to monitor specific OID's (Object Identifiers). This way, you can monitor your devices, computers, etc. by selecting your relevant OID's by name.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import MIB file CISCO-LEC-DATA-VCC-MIB and use it to monitor vendor specific OID's.


Object view of CISCO-LEC-DATA-VCC-MIB:

Scalar Object
cLecDataDirectVccEntry .
Each entry in this table represents a Data Direct VCC for a particular Emulated LAN (ELAN): - the ELAN is identified by the lecIndex value. - the VCC is identified by the combination of the interface (ifIndex, for which the corresponding ifType has the value atm(37)), the VPI (atmVclVpi) and the VCI (atmVclVci). Entries appear in the table as a LANE client establishes Data Direct VCs with other LANE clients and are removed when the VCs are dropped.
Tabular Object
cLecDataDirectLocalAtmAddress .
The ATM Address of the local end of this Data Direct VCC.
cLecDataDirectRemoteAtmAddress .
The ATM Address of the remote end of this Data Direct VCC.
cLecDataDirectVccTable .
A table containing entries for all VCCs used as LAN-Emulation Data Direct VCCs.
Object Identifier
ciscoLecDataVccMIB .
This MIB module is a Cisco extension to the ATM Forum's LANE Client MIB. This extension identifies those VCCs which are being used to carry packets sent on LANE Data Direct VCCs.
ciscoLecDataVccMIBObjects .
cLecDataDirectVcc .
ciscoLecDataVccMIBNotificationPrefix .
ciscoLecDataVccMIBNotifications .
ciscoLecDataVccMIBConformance .
ciscoLecDataVccMIBCompliances .
ciscoLecDataVccMIBGroups .
ciscoLecDataVccBaseMIBGroup .
A collection of objects related to identifying a LANE Client's Data Direct VCCs.