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CTRON-SFPS-BINDERY-MIB.mib object view, vendor Enterasys-Networks-Inc


Most network devices and programs ship with so-called MIB files to describe the parameters and meanings (i.e.: friendly names) which are available for monitoring via SNMP.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import vendor-specific MIB files, so it can be used to monitor specific OID's (Object Identifiers). This way, you can monitor your devices, computers, etc. by selecting your relevant OID's by name.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 can import MIB file CTRON-SFPS-BINDERY-MIB and use it to monitor vendor specific OID's.



Scalar Object
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigEntry .
Each entry specifies the configuration for the bindery component.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPIVerb .
The BinderyAPI is a flat MIB that can be used to enable/disable Bindery components, and to save the enable/disable info into Nvram. The next reboot/reset, each SFPSElement will check the NvramStatus and not start if disabled.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPIElementName .
Enter in the dotted notation Bindery ID (xxx.yyy.zzz) of the SFPSElement you wish to perform the action.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPINVStatus .
Displays the Current Admin Status of this Element in Nvram.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPIAdminStatus .
Displays the Current AdminStatus of the SFPSElement.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPIOperStatus .
Displays the Current OperStatus of the SFPSElement.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPINvSet .
Total number of SFPSElements stored in NVRAM for persistence.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPINvTotal .
Total number of SFPSElements allocated in NVRAM. The switch will always allocate enough space in NVRAM for the number of elements. That is, NvTotal will always be greater than or equal to NvSet.
sfpsAgentBinderyAPIDefaultStatus .
Tabular Object
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigHashLeaf .
NO hash, part of instance key.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigHashIndex .
NO Bucket index, part of instance key.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigName .
Elements Name.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigType .
Type of element.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigOperStatus .
Operational state of the entry.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigAdminStatus .
Administrative state of the entry.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigStatusTime .
Time tick of last OperStatus change.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigNVStatus .
Administrative state of the entry.
sfpsAgentBinderyConfigTable .
Soft Binding is implemented through a few new base classes, a small army of instances of the base classes plus a bindery table to tie the whole mess together.
Object Identifier
sfpsAgentBinderyAPI .