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ZIPLOCK-MIB by vendor Enterasys Networks Inc

ZIPLOCK-MIB file content

The SNMP protocol is used to for conveying information and commands between agents and managing entities. SNMP uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) as the transport protocol for passing data between managers and agents. The reasons for using UDP for SNMP are, firstly it has low overheads in comparison to TCP, which uses a 3-way hand shake for connection. Secondly, in congested networks, SNMP over TCP is a bad idea because TCP in order to maintain reliability will flood the network with retransmissions.

Management information (MIB) is represented as a collection of managed objects. These objects together form a virtual information base called MIB. An agent may implement many MIBs, but all agents must implement a particular MIB called MIB-II [16]. This standard defines variables for things such as interface statistics (interface speeds, MTU, octets sent, octets received, etc.) as well as various other things pertaining to the system itself (system location, system contact, etc.). The main goal of MIB-II is to provide general TCP/IP management information.

Use ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 to import vendor-specific MIB files, inclusing ZIPLOCK-MIB.

Vendor: Enterasys Networks Inc
Mib: ZIPLOCK-MIB  [download]  [view objects]
Tool: ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 [download]    (ships with advanced SNMP/MIB tools)

        --  ZIPLOCK-MIB  The Cabletron Ziplock MIB
        --  Revision: 01.00.00
        --  Date: September 4, 1997

        --  Cabletron Systems, Inc.
        --  35 Industrial Way, P.O. Box 5005
        --  Rochester, NH 03867-0505
        --  (603) 332-9400

        --  This module provide authoritative definitions for
        --      object identifiers created for the support of the 
        --      Ziplock Daughter Board optionally used on Cabletron
        --      products. 
        --      enterprise.cabletron.mibs.ctron.
        --              ctPhysical.ctResource.sysResourceInstalled
        --                                                                                                      .ctZiplock

        --  Cabletron Systems reserves the right to make changes in 
        --  specification and other information contained in this document 
        --  without prior notice.  The reader should consult Cabletron Systems
        --  to determine whether any such changes have been made.
        --  In no event shall Cabletron Systems be liable for any incidental, 
        --  indirect, special, or consequential damages whatsoever (including 
        --  but not limited to lost profits) arising out of or related to this
        --  document or the information contained in it, even if Cabletron
        --  Systems has been advised of, known, or should have known, the 
        --  possibility of such damages.
        --  Cabletron grants vendors, end-users, and other interested parties
        --  a non-exclusive license to use this Specification in connection
        --  with the management of Cabletron products.

        --  Copyright August 1997 Cabletron Systems

                OBJECT-TYPE     FROM    RFC-1212
                ctResource      FROM    CTRON-MIB-NAMES;

                ctZiplock       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ctResource 3 }

--  ctZiplock Group

        ctZiplockTable  OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX  SEQUENCE OF CtZiplockEntry
        ACCESS  not-accessible
        STATUS  mandatory
         "Table containing Ziplock daughter board information
         including presence, revision and status"
        ::= { ctZiplock 1 }

        ctZiplockEntry OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX  CtZiplockEntry
        ACCESS  not-accessible
        STATUS  mandatory
                "Ziplock daughter board information."
        INDEX   { ctZiplockNumber }
        ::= { ctZiplockTable 1 }

        CtZiplockEntry ::= SEQUENCE 
                ctZiplockNumber         INTEGER,
                ctZiplockPresence       INTEGER,
                ctZiplockRevision       INTEGER,
                ctZiplockStatus         INTEGER

    ctZiplockNumber OBJECT-TYPE
        ACCESS  read-only
        STATUS  mandatory
                "This object provides an index into the Ziplock Table.
                and represents the Ziplock daughter board number."
        ::= { ctZiplockEntry 1 }

    ctZiplockPresence OBJECT-TYPE
        ACCESS  read-only
        STATUS  mandatory
                "This object indicates the presence of a Ziplock daughter
                board on the host platform. 1 indicates presence, 2
                indicates absence."
        ::= { ctZiplockEntry 2 }

    ctZiplockRevision OBJECT-TYPE
        ACCESS  read-write
        STATUS  mandatory
                "This object represents the hardware revision of the Ziplock
                daughter board." 
        ::= { ctZiplockEntry 3 }

    ctZiplockStatus OBJECT-TYPE
        ACCESS  read-write
        STATUS  mandatory
                "This object indicates the status of the Ziplock
                daughter board.  
        ::= { ctZiplockEntry 4 }